Student loan debt is out of control

I want to start of by being very transparent, I am not a huge fan of college. Its not because I don’t believe in a “college education”. Its because the value placed on it is massively overpriced.

Just about everything you learn in college is literally a google research away. To me, this drastically plummets that value of college courses.

College is just like any other business. Theres a supply and a demand. The demand for college has plummeted, but the tuition has skyrocketed. It makes you wonder how can this be.

But the problem isn’t the supply, demand or the value of the courses. The main problem is the student loan debt.


When you take out student loan debt, you must understand that you officially become a customer for life.

Student loan debt is what you call NON-DISCHARGEABLE unless due to hardship. To simply put, you cant discharge student loans in a bankruptcy. This makes student loan debt the worst debt you can possibly receive.

This is equivalent to signing a contract saying you can never get out of a deal until you pay me back.

Once you take that deal, there is no backing out. So this is what it essentially means to become a customer for life.


The monetary number of outstanding student loans has doubled in the last 10 years. One thing that contributes to this number is the obsolete curriculum that college course provide.

Its clear that the curriculum doesn’t hold real value when taken to the marketplace for job placement. If that was the case, then graduates would be able to find jobs that allow them to earn a pay that pays student loans with no problem.

Unfortunately thats not the case.


Regardless of what I say, or what others say about college and student loan debt, student will return every year and it’ll be business as usual.

The fact of the matter is if you bring no real value to a company in todays age, your chances at a true job is slim.

If college is something thats an absolute to you, I would advise to have some cash stashed away in order to walk away from the worst contract known to mankind, student loans.

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