Ep 6 – How to lower your taxes using a cost segregation

I ask this question before the episode starts which I feel is a very important question.

Does your investment strategy involve lowering your taxes? This is an important question. Great investments involve lowering your taxes.

This is why i’m an advocate of multifamily real estate. Multifamily allows you to receive cash flow and capital appreciation, but the tax benefits are like magic literally.

Today’s podcast guest is Yonah Weiss of Madison Specs who specializes in helping property owners save taxes through cost segregation. Below are a few take aways from the podcast episode.


• What exactly is a cost segregation

• The typical items broken up in a cost segregation

• Where does your CPA come into the situation

• What happens if you’ve owned property for 3 years but have never done a cost segregation


Yonah Weiss Linkedin

Watch this clip:

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