Jay Z is Officially A Billionaire According to Forbes

If you know me, you know that I am a big hip hop fan. I follow hip hop religiously. Especially the business moves inside of hip hop.

And though I believe the topic of conversation may be a bit old for Jay Z, its still great news to put into the atmosphere.

It has been reported by Forbes, that Jay Z is now the first hip hop billionaire.

This serves as great news for a few learning lessons.


I have made a mission of mine to preach assets over liabilities.

Jay Z has mentioned numerous times in his music about assets.

One asset that may have caught most by surprise is his art collection.

It is reported in the Forbes article that his art collection comes to a value of $70 Million.

I don’t mention art that often as an asset. But this goes to show that there are all kinds of assets that could serve you well to increase your net worth as a strategic investor.


Music artist must understand that your music is an ASSET. Assets put money IN YOUR POCKET.

Jay Z’s music catalog is reportedly worth $75 Million! Artist must understand their worth before signing away the rights to their music.

Here’s the very basics of what can happen when you own your own master, people pay you to use your music! Its that simple!


Now, as a real estate investor myself, this is the one I had to dig into a bit more.

If you know me, I always mention that a house it NOT AN ASSET. In fact, its not just me. Banks actually count a single family house as a liability.

Jay Z’s real estate holdings were calculated at $50 Million. The article only mentioned his single family properties.

They never mention any true commercial real estate. But Im sure at the end of the day, Jay Z is a pretty smart guy and to be a billionaire in the first place, you have to know what you are doing.

And Jay Z know’s what he is doing.


At the end of the day, Jay Z has done nothing but inspire. His lyrics speak of entrepreneurship, business and smartening up.

He is an example of that.

His music holdings is just a fraction of what other strategic investments has done for him.

At the end of the day, his music was just a gateway for him to elevate him to true wealth.

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