More than just a huge sports fan, Sly is a real estate investor and founder of Elite Capital Partners, a commercial real estate investment company. Sly is dedicated to education on everything real estate and finance related.


Starting his career as an agent, Sly was able to assist clients in their buying and selling of investment assets and help expand rental portfolios.

After his time as an agent, Sly started Buford Properties in order to move into the flipping, non-performing notes and tax lien business. Securing distressed assets and selling to small balanced investors.

Currently Sly is Founder and CEO of Elite Capital Partners, a private equity commercial real estate investment company specializing in distressed, value add multifamily real estate acquisitions.

As a syndicator, Sly raises private capital from accredited, high net worth investors seeking cash flow yields, tax benefits and above average returns that multifamily real estate brings.

Podcast Host

The Sly Buford Podcast

Sly Buford is the host of “The Sly Buford Podcast”. Each week, Sly hosts a guest who educates podcasts listeners on certain subjects that pertain to business, real estate or finance. Alongside the guest, there are episodes where Sly educates on certain topics of real estate he feels would be valuable to the listener. You can subscribe to his podcast here.

Sports Fan

Sly is a huge sports fan. Growing up he played numerous sports. Basketball, football, soccer and earned a few belts in karate. Football is what he would stick with, eventually going on to earn a scholarship to play in college.


Sly established the Sly Buford Foundation, a 501(c)(3) developed to help those in need across different bases. The foundation has given to emergency victims of hurricanes. It has given to victims of the Flint, Michigan water crisis and those in need in Haiti.

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